Fight Flu Without Drugs

Sometimes it seems impossible to avoid the flu—someone sneezes on you in an elevator, your co-worker is blowing his nose beside you, and your kids bring home more germs than homework.  But believe it or not, you can protect yourself from the flu and cold germs floating around out there.  And best of all, you have a good chance of doing it without drugs.

That’s because chiropractic treatments strengthen your immune system and provides an all-natural defense against flu and disease.  According to a recent press release issued by the World Chiropractic Association (WCA), researches in Davenport, Iowa, estimated that out of the city’s 93,590 patients treated for the flu by medical doctors, there were 6,116 deaths—that’s a loss of one patient out of 15.  On the other hand, there was only one death among 1,635 cases cared for by chiropractors at the Palmer School of Chiropractic in Davenport.  That’s more than just a subtle difference in statistics.

Similar results were evident throughout the rest of Iowa, where chiropractors cared for 4,735 cases with only six deaths—only one out of 866.  Remember, those treated by medical doctors had a loss of one out of every 15.  In Oklahoma, during the same epidemic, there were only seven deaths out of 3,490 flu patients under chiropractic care.  In another report covering 4,193 cases by 213 chiropractors 4,104 showed complete recovery.

How does correcting vertebral subluxations enhance the immune system?  The spine is the infrastructure for every nerve in the body.  Preliminary studies show that areas that are misaligned create roadblocks and impair the transmission of nerve signals to and from the brain.

Not only is the flu vaccine’s effectiveness questionable, but it can also be accompanied by some potentially dangerous side effects. (JAMA 2004; 292:2478-81).  After administering either the flu vaccine or the flu/pneumonia vaccine to 841 patients, researchers noted that both groups reported similar side effects: general malaise, headaches and elevated body temperature.   The intensity of the side effects, were more severe for women.  And “the rate of adverse reactions was higher in individuals less than 65 years of age than in older participants”. (Vaccine 2004; 22:3087-91).

Researches also theorize that a mercury-based preservative in some formulations of the flu vaccine is linked to autism.  “Mercury poisoining and autism both affect the central nervous system.” (Pediatrics 2003; 111:674-9).  The authors of this cited journal also add that “mercury also injures the peripheral nervous system and other organs that are not affected in autism”.

Health professionals and doctors with government ties were blamed in Finland and Sweden after a H1N1 vaccination program was halted following a 300% increase in cases of the neurological disorder narcolepsy amongst children and young people who had received the shot over the last six months.  According to Kari Lankinen, head physician of the Finnish Medicines Agency, doctors were complicit in hiding the link between the swine flu shot and narcolepsy and did so to advance their careers.

As silly as it may sound, here at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic in Augusta GA, we have actually treated patients who came in because of the negative reaction to the flu shots they had just received.  It is not uncommon to experience headaches or general aches and pains directly because of a flu shot.  If you would like to try a healthy alternative to drugs, Augusta GA Chiropractors Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic may be the right fit for you.  And if your health conditions are out of our scope of care or we feel another health professional would be better suited for your needs, we will give you a professional referral.


The Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic Blog is written by Dr. Mark Huntsman.

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