2012 Year in Review: Chiropractic Fans in the News

What will you most remember from 2012? This was the year a skydiver broke the sound barrier, that Facebook went public, and the captivating U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team won gold at the 2012 London Olympics.  While we reminisce such an eventful year, let’s review the chiropractic fans that made the headlines and soundbites this year.

While it’s no secret that exceptional athletes such as Jerry Rice and Willie McGinest have relied on chiropractic treatments, other athletes have also utilized the benefits of chiropractic to stay in the game.  Earlier this year, during one of her gymnastics meets, Olympic Gold Medalist McKayla Maroney injured herself during a fall, and with the help of her chiropractor was able to recover and qualify for one of the spots on the U.S. Women’s Gymnastics Team.  Very similarly, 2008 Gold Medalist Nastia Luikin relied on chiropractic as well, with her mother Anna quoted as saying “If something hurts, you need to take care of it right away. But we try to avoid medications unless necessary. First we try alternative methods like acupuncture or going to a chiropractor.”

Another 2012 Gold Medalist, otherwise known as the fastest man in the world, also reaps the benefits of chiropractic.  Usain Bolt,  with a 9.63 Olympic record in the 100m and a 19.32 clocking in the 200m, Bolt utilizes the expertise and treatments from the official chiropractor for the Jamaican Olympic Team.

In the entertainment world, other notable fans were the Kardashian Family, specifically Kim.  Before her big wedding day, she had tweeted “Just had the best chiropractor appointment, then massage and Korean spa scrub! I feel sooo relaxed. I really needed this!”   America’s psychologist, Dr. Phil, also praised his chiropractic care by featuring his own chiropractic on his popular daytime talk show.  His chiropractor, Dr. Mancini, spoke about the concepts of chiropractic, and specifically that the difference between chiropractic and what he called the “sick care system” in the U.S. is that chiropractors “assume the patient is well, not sick.”  This is a concept embraced at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, where Augusta GA patients are not herded together as “sick people” but rather as individuals with unique conditions that should be addressed (instead of merely covering them up with medications).

In the music industry, the the chart-topping Jonas Brothers also integrated chiropractic into their regimen, with their chiropractor Dr. Wolyniec writing that “They make sure they get their spines adjusted regularly, even if they have to fly me somewhere in the country just for the day. I have even done a coast-to-coast house call solely to maintain their spines free of nerve interference.”

The lastly, let us briefly touch upon the heores of this country: the brave men and women who selflessly serve in the military.  Retired Brigadier General, Rebecca S. Halstead, speaks with authority as both a retired member of the U.S. Army and a patient of chiropractic when she states, “The Military is our best resource.  They deserve the best health care; and chiropractic is the best care.”  It wasn’t until she retired in 2008, when she was enlisted into the care of a chiropractor that she began to experience the full advantages of regular chiropractic care.  General Halstead has willingly used this familiarity with the personal benefits of chiropractic, her name of notoriety, and her position of prominence to advocate for millions of military personnel and their families to receive the improved health and wellness of regular chiropractic care.  TRICARE, the health program for military personnel and retirees, evaluated patients’ response to chiropractic care. The enormously high patient satisfaction rates astounded the TRICARE administrators, with scores that ranged from 94.3 percent in the Army. The Air Force tally was also high, with 12 of 19 bases scoring 100 percent; and the Navy also reported ratings in the 90 percent or higher. Even the TRICARE outpatient satisfaction surveys (TROSS) rated chiropractors at 88.54, which was 10 percent “higher than the overall satisfaction with all [health care] providers.”


The Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic Blog is written by Dr. Mark Huntsman.

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