Immediate Benefits of Chiropractic seen on MRI

MRIIn a recent study from the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, Dr. Gregory Cramer, DC, PhD, of the National University of Health Sciences hypothesized that chiropractic adjustments increase gapping between the joints of the vertebrae, which breaks up adhesions and allows the joints to move freely. What does that mean? Better range of motion and improved posture which take the pressure off the nerves.

Essentially, people with low back pain have decreased mobility in the joints of the lumbar spine. This limited mobility may result in degenerative changes and fibrous adhesions within as well as between the joints.

To conduct the study on the effects of a spinal adjustment on spinal gapping, Dr. Cramer and his colleagues enlisted 112 patients with low-back pain. Rather than evaluating the efficacy of a spinal adjustment which has already been established in low-back pain patients, Dr. Cramer and his colleagues sought to specifically study the spinal joint gapping immediately after a spinal adjustment. Patients received two MRI tests as well as two weeks of chiropractic treatment between the MRI tests.

At each MRI test, the patients were then randomly assigned to one of four treatment protocol:

1) A spinal adjustment

2) Side-posture positioning (a stretch for the joints)

3) Side-posture positioning control

4 ) A spinal adjustment control.

The researchers then scanned the patients’ lower backs before and immediately after receiving treatment.  While all patients improved after just two weeks of chiropractic treatment, by the end of the study, the ones treated with a spinal adjustment immediately before the MRI had the most significant spinal joint gapping. Those treated with a combination of a spinal adjustment in addition to side-posture positioning had the greatest improvement in pain immediately after treatment. The researchers suggested that lumbar side-posture enhanced the therapeutic effects of spinal adjustments.

These findings demonstrate how chiropractic can improve spinal health to reduce pain and restore mobility in patients with low-back pain.


Don’t Be a Back Pain Statistic

Part of correcting the problem of back pain is knowing what works and what doesn’t.  This study is just one of many in the latest research demonstrating the effectiveness of chiropractic.  Another recent research study published by the orthopedic journal Spine demonstrates how effective chiropractic care can be for back pain.

With its results recently published, the randomized, controlled trial pilot study was funded by a grant from Samueli Institute, Alexandria Va., and conducted from February 2008 to June 2009 at William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC), Fort Bliss, Texas. Participants in the study were 91 active-duty military personnel between 18 and 35 years old.

An important discovery in the study: an astounding 73% of participants in chiropractic care combined with standard medical care group rated their pain improvement as “completely gone”, “much better” or “moderately better”, as opposed to a mere 17% in the standard medical care group without chiropractic care.


Treatment for Back Pain in Augusta GA

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