Treatment for Gait Disorders in Augusta GA

gait disordersA gait abnormality is defined as unusual and uncontrollable problems with walking. While many different types of gait abnormalities are produced unconsciously, most, although not all, are due to some type of physical malfunction. Some gait abnormalities are so characteristic that they have descriptive names, such as propulsive gait, scissors gait, spastic gait, steppage gait and waddling gait.

Additionally, gait disturbances may be associated with orthopedic conditions, inflammatory conditions of the joints (i.e., arthritic changes), or other abnormalities. Most often though, they are the result of some physical malfunction and may be a consequence of one or more of the following diseases or conditions:


Symptoms for Gait Disorders

Gait abnormalities have very distinctive features and are often named to reflect the prominent characteristics of the walk:

  • Propulsive: the posture is hunched over and rigid with the head and neck bent forward.
  • Scissors: the legs flex slightly at the hips and knees, giving the appearance of crouching, with the knees and thighs hitting or crossing in a scissor-like movement.
  • Spastic: the legs are stiff and the feet drag.
  • Steppage: the toes scrape the ground while walking.
  • Waddling: the gait is duck-like.


Treatment for Gait Disorders in Augusta GA

Gait abnormality may be treated in a number of different ways, depending on the cause. As experienced Augusta GA Chiropractors, we offer completely customized treatments, that are based on your own individual condition.  We have also found that a better approach to treating gait abnormality that is not directly linked to a specific cause is to get at the root cause of the problem. Most of the time the condition is due to muscle weakness because of an abnormal joint plagued by a ligament injury or weakness, such as could be the case with osteoarthritis.


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