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Dancing With the Stars: With the Help of Chiropractors

With season 19 of Dancing with the Stars currently underway with strong ratings, it’s no wonder that the show boosted ABC ratings to be most-watched TV network for previous seasons. With 14.96 million viewers, the reality show is one of the most talked-about and watched-about in recent years.  What normally doesn’t make it’s show’s headlines however, are […]

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Back Pain Is #1 Cause of Disability Worldwide

Back Pain is #1 Disability Worldwide A global collaborative study regarding global heath was announced recently.  The study was performed by the World Health Organization, the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, University of Queensland school of Population Health, Harvard school of Public Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health, University of Tokyo, and […]

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Everything You Always Wanted to Ask About Chiropractic

Whether you’re curious about chiropractic and have never been treated by a chiropractor before, or you’ve already experienced the benefits of chiropractic care  and just want to learn more, below are some questions that have probably crossed most people’s minds about chiropractic.  Augusta GA Chiropractors Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic  welcome questions, and we always encourage our patients to […]

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