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When pain medications proved to be ineffective in treating her symptoms, Patricia knew she had to try something else. After reading about Dr. Mark Huntsman in the Augusta Chronicle, she made an appointment to come see him.

Now because of Dr. Huntsman's customized treatments all of Patricia's symptoms have improved, and she has resumed an active social life, including sitting through a church service pain-free.

"Before I started coming to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, I was suffering from headaches, dizziness, sinus problems, allergies, fatigue, poor concentration, a stiff neck, acid reflux, arm pain, back pain, and constipation.

This was affecting my life because I had no energy. I had even tried pain medication before coming here.

Now since coming to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, all my symptoms have improved.

Dr. Huntsman has helped me live a better life. I can now sit longer at church without having to be in a lot of pain."