Sarah was experiencing weekly headaches on a continual basis for the past decade before seeking treatment with Dr. Huntsman. On top of that, Sarah also had sinus problems and acid reflux, but didn't think anything would be able to help those conditions.

Since seeking treatment with Dr. Huntsman, Sarah no longer suffers from headaches, and to her surprise, her sinus problems as well as her acid reflux have improved as well.

"I have had great changes in my headaches and stiff neck that I was experiencing prior to seeing Dr. Huntsman. For 10 years I have dealt with headaches 2-3 times a week.

I have noticed since I began care with Dr. Huntsman, I have been able to sleep better, and I don’t wake up as much. On top of that, I haven’t had any headaches since I started seeing Dr. Huntsman!

In addition, I’ve also noticed some improvement in sinus problems and acid reflux that I had been experiencing.

I love the friendly staff here and I always tell everyone about my headaches leaving and about how nice everyone is!"