After suffering for years with back pain, and dealing with its consequences, such as loss of sleep, Trinidad finally took the initiative to visit a chiropractor.

Since receiving Dr. Huntsman's customized treatment, Trinidad no longer needs to take his prescription medications, and is experiencing a vibrant life again. Trinidad and his family have enjoyed Dr. Huntsman's care, and have shared their experiences with friends and family.

"I came to Dr. Mark Huntsman because for a few years I’ve had lower back, upper back pain and loss of sleep due to my back pain, so after so much pain medication, I took the initiative to visit a chiropractor.

I have to say that after my treatment, I FEEL GREAT!!!

No more pain killers at night and I sleep very comfortable and may I add that the professionalism of the office is great, including the staff with dealing with my tight schedule. They really make it that much more comfortable.

I have referred people to Dr. Huntsman and brag about his treatment to all my friends and family members!"