Moving to Georgia from out of state, Kristen was looking for a chiropractor in the area that would go above and beyond in treating her and her family.

Having seen other doctors for her headaches and vertigo, Kristen wasn't able to find someone who could help her with her condition. With Dr. Huntsman's customized care, she was finally able to get the results she was searching for.

Kristen found what she was looking for in not only the customized treatments at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, but also the caring and welcoming environment, especially for her young children.

"I have suffered for years with headaches, vertigo, allergies, asthma, a stiff neck, back pain, irritable bowel syndrome as well as having pain and numbness in my arms and legs. This was affecting my life because I was not able to function as well with having the vertigo and headaches several times a week.

I had even seen many doctors and have had numerous tests and scans done with no solution ever found for my vertigo and headaches.

Now since getting treatment at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic my vertigo and headaches are completely gone, and the rest of my symptoms have greatly improved as well!

I feel much better and can continue doing things I was not able to do for years. I sleep better and I feel more relaxed.

I highly recommend the clinic and have even brought my two young boys for chiropractic care. I can’t say enough about the care and how thorough me and my boys were evaluated and cared for. We all enjoy coming for our adjustments. The staff is excellent and friendly, very caring and professional. We just moved here from out of state and I am very thankful to have found such an excellent doctor."