Having a myriad of symptoms that Julianne had, it was no wonder that she was having difficulty sleeping. Between the radiating arm pain and the numbness in her hands, Julianne knew that with suffering for almost a year, she needed to seek the proper help.

With customized care from Dr. Huntsman, Julianne now no longer has to suffer, and she has been so pleased with the quality of care she has received that she has encouraged her friends and family to see Dr. Huntsman as well.

"For somewhere between 6 months and a year I had been having shoulder pain, a stiff neck, radiating arm pain and numbness in my hands and fingers. Since beginning care here, all of those problems have improved!

Not only that, but I also do sleep better. I would periodically have so much pain in my shoulders that I would not be able to sleep. Also, the numbness in my fingers and pain in my arms would be overwhelming. This condition has improved greatly!

I like the facts given by Dr. Huntsman so that I can really, clearly understand them. I feel I can trust what I’m being told without a doubt! They really care about you and will try to make your condition better. I also like that they will work with you in payments, appointments, etc.

In fact, I have been so relieved by my problems that I have been encouraging all my friends and relatives to try what this clinic has to offer!"