Walter knew all too well what would happen if he physically pushed himself. His body would pay a price the next day, and after five years of a bad cycle of pushing himself and its repercussions, he took the leap forward to get the right kind of help.

Even though Walter had already seen other chiropractors through the years, it was Dr. Huntsman's personalized care that was able to get his health back on track.

"For approximately 5 to 6 years I was suffering from headaches, fatigue and back pain. The pain would lead to fatigue, but I would still push myself with work. But overall, outside of work I would do less because of the “after effects” of what I had done the day prior.

I had seen other chiropractors throughout the years to alleviate the pain. I would also take Ibuprofen or other over the counter drugs.

Now since seeing Dr. Huntsman, all my headaches, fatigue, and back pain have improved.

There are a lot of good chiropractors out there—Dr. Huntsman is one of the best!

I have recommended Dr. Huntsman to other friends and colleagues. Dr. Huntsman is very professional and consistent in his practices. I enjoy coming here."