With the side effects associated with migraine medications, a drug-free approach was just what Patty was looking for.

With Dr. Huntsman's help, Patty not only no longer suffers from migraines, but she also no only takes her prescription medications. With her busy schedule, she also appreciates being seen on time for her appointments and the friendly atmosphere of the office.

"I had been suffering for 3 years with migraines, and had even tried medication before coming in. Now since starting treatment with Dr. Huntsman, my migraines are gone. I don’t have to take my migraine medication anymore.

I also noticed I’ve been sleeping better through the night. I like the friendliness of the office and that they’re always on time—I don’t have to wait long.

They are always there for you. You don’t have to wait long to be taken care of, and the doctor will check out all your problems."