Dealing with daily, chronic pain is not fun, and Everett was suffering with back pain, arm pain and shoulder pain for six months straight. He was even taking the prescription drug Gabapentin without much luck.

With Dr. Mark Huntsman's customized treatments at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic tailored for his condition, Everett now no longer has any back pain, arm pain or even shoulder pain. He has completely stopped taking prescription medications, and now sings Dr. Huntsman's praises to his friends and family.

"I had lower back pain sustained daily as well as pain in my left shoulder and arm for 6 months before becoming a patient at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic. I was even taking Gabapentin for my nerve pain before coming here.

Now because of Dr. Huntsman’s treatments my lower back pain and the pain in my left shoulder and arm are completely gone! My view of chiropractic has changed because I had no idea before what chiropractic could really do.

Come and experience this for yourself—a comfortable environment and on-time appointments are a bonus. Plus the no-nonsense doctor will give you excellent patient service."