When asked, Tom would tell others to try Dr. Mark Huntsman's customized treatments, because he has experienced firsthand how much it has changed his life.

Before becoming a patient of Dr. Huntsman, Tom was afflicted with headaches and pain in his low back and legs.

Additionally, he was taking antacid medication for his stomach problems. Under Dr. Huntsman's direct care, Tom no longer has a need for antacid medication and his condition has dramatically improved.

"For at least 10 years I was experiencing many symptoms including headaches, a stiff neck, low back pain with pain and numbness into my legs. After seeing Dr. Huntsman, all of those things have gotten better! I’ve also noticed that I am sleeping better now and have more flexibility than before.

For many years as well, I have had stomach problems and acid reflux. The chiropractic adjustments have helped with that also. I used to take antacid medication very frequently and now rarely have to do so.

What I like most about coming here is that everyone is very professional and very personable. There is always a smile. All I can say to others is try it. It works. Why suffer?!"