Phaidra was searching for answers to her health problems, which included headaches and low back pain, but was unsuccessful even after visits to the neurosurgeon and dentist.

Without any success after seing a list of doctors, Phaidra decided to make an appointment at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, and with Dr. Mark Huntsman's customized care, she was finally able to see improvements in her health condition. Phaidra was also pleasantly surprised at the caring environment that she had been missing in her previous experiences.

"Before coming to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, I was suffering from headaches, poor concentration, and low back pain for about six months. I was not able to enjoy spending time with my family.

I was prescribed Butalbital and took ibuprofen sometimes. I went to my family doctor, neurosurgeon, and even my dentist to see if the pain was related to my teeth.

Now since being treated by Dr. Huntsman, all my symptoms have improved! I have enjoyed being treated here because everyone listens to me. Before I would tell friends, family and other doctors what was going on, and none of them would listen. Dr. Huntsman and his staff are extremely kind and helpful.

I am able to exercise more without feeling an intense pain, and I know how to stretch now to help ease my neck pain.

Dr. Huntsman and his staff have truly been a blessing to me because they have shown me that they care and that they want to help. I’m getting better and stronger every day."