When Lexie first moved to the Augusta GA area, one of the first things she needed to off the to-do list was finding a good chiropractor. After seeing several in the area, she was still in search of someone who was not only thorough but could also make a patient's experience a painless and pleasant one.

When Lexie discovered Dr. Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, she was pleased with how thorough he was, and by contrast to her other experiences, she could finally enjoy her visits to the chiropractor.

"I have been seeing several different chiropractors for many years, and when we moved to the Augusta area I was looking for a new one. We tried several in the area, but just weren’t really happy with the results, some were really rough and kind of painful to go to.

When I found Dr. Huntsman I was very happy with the results and the treatment that I’ve received here. I have a lot of low back pain, and he’s very gentle and his approach is very inclusive—I feel like I’m almost going to the spa! I appreciate the thoroughness that I receive—I don’t feel like I’m just being shuffled in and out as quickly as possible. He takes his time and he addresses the issues that I’ve had in that day.

I just feel like I’m getting the best overall care that I could."