Brad was dealing with regular back pain and leg pain for ten years, and it was negatively affecting his mood.

Brad and his wife Adriana came in to see Dr. Mark Huntsman for his thorough, specialized care, where Brad was able to notice a marked improvement in his health condition.

"It had been 10 years that I suffered with low back pain and pain and numbness into my right leg. The pain really made me irritable.

Now because of Dr. Huntsman's treatments I feel more relaxed than before and my low back pain has greatly improved. In addition, the pain and numbness into my leg has become much less.

I also told Dr. Huntsman that my neck was stiff and after he looked at it and treated it, in one visit I could already tell an improvement!

The staff are friendly, caring and thorough. Dr. Huntsman is very thorough and communicates everything well!"

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