When a person's health also affects members of their family, it's time to take action. For Billy, his list of symptoms, which included headaches as well as stomach problems, was causing him to be depressed, but worse, was affecting his dog, Bud.

With Dr. Mark Huntsman's personalized and tailored care at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, Billy health was able to get back on track, and no longer feeling sick or depressed, he was able to spend more quality time with his dog.

"I was suffering for 12 to 13 years with sinus problems, headaches, acid reflux and stomach problems, as well as low back pain, neck pain and pain in my arms and legs.

It was real bad, and I felt sick and depressed most of the time. Now since seeing Dr. Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, all my symptoms have greatly improved.

I also sleep a lot better and feel a lot happier. I’m also able to play with my dog Bud a lot more too.

Y’all are great and y’all see how much better I’m getting around and seem happier."