Anna was looking for a solution for her symptoms, particularly for her acid reflux (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Having tried the prescription medication Nexium as well as visits to the Naturopathic Doctor, Anna wasn't having any luck fixing her problem.

Anna's husband encouraged her to come in to see Dr. Huntsman, and it was through Dr. Mark Huntsman's personalized care that Anna finally got the results she was looking for. Anna was also able to sleep better and her energy levels went up.

"Before coming here I was suffering for 3 years with acid reflux, constipation, stomach problems, menstrual problems, as well as a stiff neck and back pain.

I had previously tried Nexium and had even gone to see a naturopathic doctor to try to help my problems.

Now since getting treatment here, all my symptoms have finally improved! I also noticed that since coming here I even sleep better and I have more energy. I would tell my family and friends that the clinic is a nice office and they’re very friendly."

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