A friend of the Jacksons was so impressed with Dr. Huntsman and Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic that she encouraged them to make an appointment for themselves. Soon after, they became patients and experienced first-hand what their friend was raving about.

"I started seeing Dr. Huntsman about almost a year ago now, and my friend recommended him.  She had visited him and thought that he was really thorough and she said she thought that me and my husband would have a really good experience with him. 

My husband came first, and recommended him for a really long time, saying ‘you should go, you should go’. I finally gave in—I had a lot of lower back pain, pain in my shoulders and kinda got headaches a lot. My daughter was about a year old when I started coming and lots of carrying meant for lots of back pain. I remember I would spend lots of evenings on the couch and be just like ‘ugh! I’m sore, I’m tired, I’m done for the day.’

My back pain is not what it was before. I don’t get the headaches, I don’t feel like I have to spend the end of the day on the couch relaxing and catching up and catching my rest from carrying around a kid. I’ve really appreciated the time that we’ve had with Dr. Huntsman and we’re actually moving soon.

I would recommend him for anyone who has extreme problems to someone who just sometimes has a sore back because there’s probably something that can be done to help you, and it’s been a great experience with Dr. Huntsman."