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After being told by a physician at Fort Gordon that Glenn would be facing back surgery for his back pain, Glenn and his father started to look at other options.

The thought of Glenn having back surgery before heading off to college did not sit well with them, and so they did their research online and found out about Dr. Huntsman's personalized treatments.

Within a short amount of time, Glenn had made tremendous improvements, and now with a full recovery, Glenn no longer needs to think about having surgery. He is now heading off to college with the prospects of joining the college basketball team.

"Fort Gordon was thinking about giving me surgery of the lower back and that was the next step and my father and I really didn’t want to do surgery and so he looked on the web and tried to find a chiropractor since the chiropractor at Fort Gordon doesn’t see civilians.

So we came to Dr. Huntsman and the first appointment went well and after the appointment I started to see an immediate improvement, then I had two more and felt like I was a new man. I was able to go back on the basketball court, and live the active life that I had before my back injury. It had been a year and a half when I first injured my back and I was to the point where I was forgetting what it was like to have normal function of the lower back area.

With seeing Dr. Huntsman in a few appointments I was feeling back to normal and now it’s just like I never had the back pain. Now I can go out on the basketball court and play full games of basketball, and lift and do everything I was doing before.

I really want to thank Dr. Huntsman for taking his time and doing everything he needed to do to get me back to where I needed to be. I’m about to head off to school, and now I may even be able to try out for the basketball team. I just really want to thank Dr. Huntsman."