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Trying to remedy the condition on her own, Martha was taking pain medication and using heating pads at home for her list of symptoms ranging from low back pain to foot pain, but it just wasn't working.

Martha decided it was time to finally get to the root of the problem and made an appointment to see Dr. Huntsman. Under his care and through his personalized treatments, Martha finally got the results she was looking for. She was even surprised when her constant foot pain completely went away with Dr. Huntsman's treatments.

"Before coming to see Dr. Huntsman I was suffering from low back pain, a stiff neck, headaches, and muscle pain on my right shoulder for about 6 months. I was using pain medication for my arthritis, and heating pads as well..

Now since starting treatment the pain in my low back is completely gone. My headaches, stiff neck, and muscle pain on my right shoulder have also improved.

An unexpected surprise is that my right foot is now 100% better. What I like most about my care is that the doctor listens to me.

They have a positive attitude, show kindness and gentleness, and are caring."