With Mona owning and operating her own business, sometimes even the most routine of tasks would be too difficult with her fibromyalgia. Calling in sick was not uncommon due to unexpected flare-ups, and cancelling plans with friends was also a regular part of her life.

Concerned for her, Mona's husband urged her to see Dr. Huntsman, and even scheduled the appointment for her. Shortly after receiving Dr. Huntsman's customized treatments, she started to notice a positive change not only symptomatically, but also in her quality of life.

"I was suffering for 12 years or so with fibromyalgia before coming to see Dr. Huntsman. I had headaches, fatigue, dizziness, poor concentration, stiff neck, radiating arm pain and back pain.

It was hard to concentrate at work, especially with the fatigue. I would not want to plan anything for fear of canceling the plans.

I had even tried Vicoden and muscle relaxers to try and help my fibromyalgia.

Now, my fibromyalgia has greatly improved. My symptoms, such as headaches, dizziness, fatigue, poor concentration, stiff neck, radiating arm pain and back pain have improved.

I have also noticed unexpected changes since seeing Dr. Huntsman—I sleep better now.

My treatment with Dr. Huntsman has changed my view on chiropractic, because I had never gone to a chiropractor before. I would say that this is a very friendly and nice place to go for your problems...very good service—I was very surprised!"