Struggling with chronic fatigue and undergoing regular allergy shots was not a way Karen envisioned living her life. In addition, she was also suffering from chronic headaches, low back pain and a whole host of other syimptoms including irritable bowel syndrome.

Looking for a solution to her health problems, Karen searched for a Christian chiropractor and found Dr. Huntsman. Because of Dr. Huntsman's treatments her quality of life has finally improved and she has started rebuilding it after twenty years of health problems.

"For 20 plus years I’ve had several health problems although they have worsened in the past year.

This includes headaches with a stiff neck, allergies, fatigue, poor concentration, stomach problems and acid reflux, and also irritable bowel, bladder problems, menstrual problems and low back pain.

In only about a month, I’m seeing improvements in all of those areas. In fact, I’ve had great improvements in the headaches, stiff neck, acid reflux, irritable bowel and bladder problems.

Before I started care with Dr. Huntsman, I had been on lots of antibiotics, allergy shots, paxil, protonix and even had sinus surgery. It now seems like the protonix I had been taking can be withdrawn!

I know that I’m doing the best thing I can to initiate REAL healing in my body, not just covering up symptoms with more drugs!

This is a clinic with extremely friendly staff. The doc is very knowledgeable and is loaded with integrity. He will work tirelessly to find a real solution to whatever problems he is presented with!"