After trying a variety of different methods to fix her health problems, Shannon was up against a wall because nothing seemed to work for her. She continued to battle fatigue along with daily back pain and other unplesant symptoms such as headaches, acid reflux and sinus problems.

Upon meeting Dr. Huntsman and his staff, Shannon knew she had found the right place for help. Ever since seeing Dr. Huntsman and receiving his customized care, she no longer battles with pain, and is able to resume acitivies and move more freely than she has in years.

"For quite some time my low back had been in pain. Along with that pain, I was having constipation, acid reflux as well as headaches, a stiff neck, and sinus problems. I was also fatigued and tired. These conditions were tremendously affecting my life. I had tried several different things prior to seeing Dr. Huntsman, but I still had the problems.

I am happy to say that all of my symptoms have improved and I’m able to do things now, such as stoop and bend, that was difficult before.

Compared to other doctor’s offices, Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic cannot be compared. The doctor and staff here are GREAT!! There can’t be any better clinic around!"