After a friend had great success from seeing Dr. Huntsman, she told Vernelle to come to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic and see for herself the difference it could make for her life.

Upon coming in for her consultation, Vernelle was pleasantly surprised at Dr. Huntsman's thoroughness, and how he listened to her health history instead of brushing aside her long list of concerns.

Because of Dr. Huntsman's care Vernelle no longer needs to take her prescription medications, and can genuinely say that her quality of life has been greatly improved. She has also paid it forward and told others about Dr. Huntsman.

"For most of my adult life I’ve had headaches, a stiff neck, bladder problems, and lower back pain. These symptoms slowed me down considerably and have affected my relationship with others.

I was taking Topamax, Treximet, Clonazepam to try to deal with my symptoms, and I had even tried physical therapy for my neck muscles.

I decided to see Dr. Huntsman after my friend recommended him. Since I’ve started care all my symptoms have greatly improved! Other symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea and sinus problems have improved as well. I have been able to walk for an hour without lower back pain and the quality of my life has improved since my headaches are less frequent.

Dr. Huntsman is a thorough and competent chiropractor who really takes the time to listen to me and show genuine concern for my physical problems.

Dr. Huntsman has improved my quality of life greatly."