Michelle was suffering for years with a combination of health problems, but the most frustrating part for her was that no one could help her. After being seen by a range of different doctors and physical therapists, she still had the same health problems, with no improvement whatsoever.

Her condition was not only affecting her daily life but also her quality time with her daughter. At times her condition was so severe that she had to miss work. Michelle knew she had to do something and find someone that could properly diagnose and treat her condition.

Frustrated with the lack of help from her military doctors, Michelle contacted Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic. After correctly diagnosing her condition, Dr. Huntsman formulated a treatment tailored for her specific condition. Shortly after starting care with Dr. Huntsman, Michelle is now pain-free and living the active life she had wanted for so many years.

"Let me start by saying that seeing Dr. Huntsman has been hands down the best experience I have had in dealing with my conditions and the only experience I have had that led to an actual diagnosis and effective treatment.

For nearly 3 years I’ve had headaches and back pain from my neck all the way down my lower back. I also had leg pain and issues with my bladder. On top of all of that I felt tired and fatigued.

I had seen multiple doctors in the military with none able or willing to treat my condition. I was just given muscle relaxers, anti-inflammatory, and pain killing drugs, but that didn’t fix my problem. I also tried physical therapy, but still had the problems.

This was making it very hard to stay physically active and to do normal exercise or play with my daughter. When I would have a very bad spasm, I would have to call out of work because I could hardly walk!

After just four weeks of care at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, I no longer have headaches, leg pain or bladder issues. My energy levels are up and my back pain has had such great improvement that I really don’t even notice it that much!

I am able to do aerobic and strength training exercises daily with very little to no pain at all. I am able to play with my daughter continuously without having to stop or take frequent breaks due to the pain.

If you want to go to a chiropractor that offers a very nice and clean office, very warm and caring staff, and a doctor that makes it his mission to figure out your condition and take a very careful and calculated approach to treating your condition in a timely manner then Dr. Huntsman and Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic is where you NEED to go!"