Involved in sports such as horseback riding and martial arts her whole life, Chelsea developed a rare condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome as a result of the trauma from her sports-related activities.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome causes the patient to experience pain in the neck, shoulder and arm, as well as numbness and tingling of the fingers.

Chelsea didn't see any improvements to her condition after undergoing physical therapy, and she had seen another chiropractor previously but did not enjoy that experience. When her boyfriend told her to come see Dr. Mark Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, she had doubts but decided that Dr. Huntsman's customized care was worth a try.

Due to the care from Dr. Huntsman, Chelsea was finally able to receive relief from the pain she had experienced for years from Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and she is now finally able to see consistent improvements when all other options such as physical therapy had failed.

"Growing up I was always very active. I’ve done a lot of horseback riding and I’ve done martial arts for ten years and throughout the years I’ve had a lot of sports injuries and that developed into Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which involved a surgery removing an upper rib on my shoulder and after that I had to go through physical therapy but it didn’t help me.

There was a lot of tenseness and muscle tension and headaches which I’d get and nothing seemed to help. I’d been to a chiropractor before and I did not enjoy that experience.

I moved to Augusta and Caleb told me about Dr. Mark Huntsman and I had a lot of doubts but I trusted Caleb so I came anyway. I feel great now, I’ve seen consistent improvements, I was even able to go bowling using my right arm where I had the surgery and I experienced no difficulties and I wasn’t even really sore.

My headaches are virtually gone and I don’t get knots on my shoulders. I’ve really enjoyed my experiences here and I really look forward to continual improvement and seeing Dr. Huntsman."