Ed was struggling with a lot of symptoms pior to seeing Dr. Huntsman, and in particular were his daily headaches.

Struggling for years with the constant pain, Ed finally came to see Dr. Hunstamn and told him about his never-ending headaches.

With tailored treatments, Ed's headaches not only diminished, but he also experienced improvement with his other symptoms. Best of all, Ed was able to receive care in an environment he was comfortable to be in: friendly staff that didn't push unnecessary procedures.

"I came to see Dr. Huntsman about four weeks ago and told him about daily headaches I was having, along with a stiff neck and lower back pain. These symptoms had been going on for years.

At this point, my headaches, stiff neck and low back pain have all greatly improved! In fact, there are many symptoms that I never mentioned to the doctor before that are now gone or much better than when I began care: dizziness, sinus problems, fatigue, acid reflux, difficulty breathing, diarrhea, and pain/numbness in my legs! I am also sleeping better and am just overall feeling better.

I like how there is no pressure when I come into the office, the doctor and staff are understanding, very friendly, easy going, don’t prescribe drugs and they will help more than you believe possible!"

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