Side effects for medications can be quite severe, and for Randall, it wasn't worth the side effects to continue taking the medications.

A drug-free approach to care was just what Randall needed, and with customized care from Dr. Huntsman, Randall was able to achieve the results he was looking for without the use of prescription medications.

"I have suffered for 5-6 years with fatigue and difficulty breathing before coming here.

Before coming here, I had tried medication. Then I stopped taking it because of the side effects.

Now since getting care, both my fatigue and breathing have greatly improved!!

Since getting care I’ve also been sleeping better at night. I don’t feel the anxiety that I used to feel but yet I still have more energy.

I like everything about the care I get—and the fact that Dr. Huntsman has been very informative.

I would tell my friends and family this clinic is very informative and accommodating, and has a very comfortable atmosphere with friendly people."