Originally struggling with symptoms such as stomach problems, sinus problems, allergies and headaches for fifteen years, Jessica's symptoms started to worsen five years ago.

Her worsening health was affecting her social life and turning her into a recluse.

Turning to Dr. Huntsman for help, Jessica was immediately treated under personalized care tailored for her health condition. Jessica saw an improvement shortly after, and is now more active and is able to resume the life she thought she would never have again.

"I was suffering from many symptoms including sinus problems, allergies, headaches, dizziness, a stiff neck, acid reflux, stomach problems, constipation, and menstrual problems before coming to see Dr. Huntsman.

I was suffering for probably 15 years or so from these symptoms, and the stiffness and concentration problems had worsened in the past 5 years.

This was affecting my life because of the stress, anxiety, and having anti-social behavior because I never felt good.

Now since I started treatment with Dr. Huntsman, all my symptoms have improved, and I have much more energy now.

I would tell others not to discount chiropractic care, because it fixes the problem rather than treating the symptoms. Dr. Huntsman is rad and his staff are so super sweet!"