Before being treated by Dr. Huntsman, Justin's health condition was not only negatively affecting his workout routine, but more importantly, it was affecting his daily life. After treatment, Justin's health drastically improved, along with unexpected positive changes as well.

"When I first came to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, I couldn’t work-out without neck pain and back pain. My shoulders would also pop out of place quite frequently. This had been going on for about three years along with headaches, stiffness in the neck, and pain and numbness in my arms and legs.

I must say that since coming here, I have been very pleased. In just a little over a month, all of my symptoms have greatly improved and I’ve even noticed some improvement with my allergies and asthma! Also, my posture has improved and MY BACK FEELS BETTER THAN IT HAS EVER FELT!

Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic is very professional. They have quick and fast appointments which I like. Also, the doctors here have very good people skills and are very personable. They don’t treat you just like a patient or number here! I would definitely recommend Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic to my friends and family.

Like I said before, they are very personable, very professional, the appointments always go fast, and they take good care of their patients!