After getting injured on the job, Ronnie was immediately told by a medical doctor that a risky neck and back surgery was the only solution to his symptoms.

There are more than several risks associated with back surgery: administration of general anesthesia, bleeding, infection, rejection of donor bone, blood clots, stroke, heart attack and nerve damage. Full recovery can take up to a year or even longer.

Luckily for Ronnie, he understood the risks involved and came to see Dr. Mark Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic instead. Since receiving customized care from Dr. Huntsman, Ronnie recovered from his injury and is now a Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic fan.

"In January I slipped on some ice and fell and hit my head on a truck. I was having neck pain, middle back pain and lower back pain. Whenever I would bend over, I would get a pain into my right leg. It would “grab” me and go down to the back of the knee. I was also having difficulty walking and was unable to pick up even small items. I would also have pain and numbness in my arms and hands.

I was told by the medical doctor that the only thing that could be done for me is to cut me open and have surgery on my neck and my low back! After 7 months, I decided to come to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic and see Dr. Huntsman.

Since receiving treatment here, I don’t have to have surgery and I’m greatly improved. I’m walking better, have less pain or uncomfort at the neck and lower back with sitting or standing. I’m also now able to do more common things at work and home, that I couldn’t do before seeing Dr. Huntsman.

I highly recommend Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic!"