Shirley's lifelong goal was to become Augusta's oldest full-time registered nurse, but her fibromyalgia was working against her, and her dreams were looking more dim and distant as each day went on.

After a friend was helped by Dr. Mark Huntsman's treatments, he encouraged her to seek help from Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic. With customized treatments tailored for her specific condition, Shirley no longer lives in contant pain, and with thirty years of working as a registered nurse, she is getting closer each day to her lifelong goal.

"I was in constant pain and had chronic fatigue for many years. The pain was throughout my entire back, into my hands, and also into my legs and feet. I was also having irritable bowel. I had been taking naproxen, Tylenol #3 and flexeril, but still had the problems.

Since coming to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic I feel much better. The pain has greatly improved as well as I’m seeing an improvement in the irritable bowel.

I am a registered nurse and by the end of my workday I still have energy left and my feet and legs don’t hurt as much as previously. I am also awakening with no pain!

Now that I’ve been receiving chiropractic care with Dr. Huntsman, I believe we should go to the ROOT of the problem–NOT just treat the symptoms.

I would like to say to others, do you want to get to the root of the pain? Is your body out of alignment? Don’t just cover up symptoms with pain meds!"