Struggling with a long list of geratric ailments, including high blood pressure and radiating pain, Lucille's quality of life was negatively being impacted.

When Lucille came in to see Dr. Huntsman, she immediately became impressed not only with his genuine compassion, but his thoroughness in evaluating her condition. With his customized care, Lucille's health condition improved tremendously, and can attribute her renewed joy in life to Dr. Huntsman.

"Before I came to see Dr. Huntsman, I was suffering a lot. I had radiating arm pain, pain and numbness in my arms and legs, bladder problems, constipation, fatigue, and high blood pressure.

Since starting treatment at the clinic, my radiating arm pain has greatly improved, including my pain and numbness into my arms and legs. My bladder problems, constipation, fatigue and even high blood pressure has improved as well.

There have also been unexpected changes in other areas my life. I sleep much better since starting my treatment.

What I like most about my care is how thorough Dr. Huntsman is. He explains everything as he is doing it and helps me to understand my treatment better.

I’d tell my friends and family this is the most caring and understanding place I have ever been to. Dr. Huntsman and his staff are really truly wonderful and caring people. I would recommend anyone with health problems who have been to other doctors and are not feeling better to please come here and see for yourself.

Dr. Huntsman has made my life a joy to live."

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