Thomas believed he had exhausted all his treatment options when he had temporarily stopped working to undergo physical therapy full-time, and it didn't even help his back, neck and leg pain.

Thomas then decided to come in to see Dr. Huntsman, and in a short period of time, he finally experienced the results he had been searching for.

Even Thomas' other symptoms, such as sinus congestion and allergies, have improved as well from Dr. Huntsman's care. Thomas is now able to continue on with his career without the health problems that were previously ailing him.

"I had been having several problems for a couple of years. Prior to seeing Dr. Huntsman, I had even been out of work for 2 months while I tried physical therapy for my low back pain.

When I first came to Dr. Huntsman, I was still having the low back pain with a pain going down into my leg. I have also suffered with headaches, a stiff neck, sinus congestion, allergies and just felt tired.

I am very happy that all of those things have gotten better since receiving care from Dr. Huntsman. I’ve also been pleasantly surprised that I’ve been sleeping better and I can also concentrate better than before!

I really like how friendly and wonderful the people are here. They are very caring about their patients. When recommending their office to others, I say that they honestly want people to feel better!"