Asthma affects an estimated 34 million people in the U.S., and for June, who was struggling with asthma, she had to regularly rely on her inhaler.

When June came to see Dr. Huntsman, she already had asthma for ten years, in addition to her chronic back soreness.

Combined with thorough research, Dr. Huntsman administered customized treatments for June, and her asthma significantly imrpoved, where she no longer needed to rely on inhalers.

Her back condition improved as well, and for June, what meant the most for her was the care and concern personally given to her.

"I came to see Dr. Huntsman for my asthma and also back soreness. I have been suffering with the asthma for 10 years and I was on my way to taking many drugs to control the asthma, including 2 years of allergy shots.

Since seeing Dr. Huntsman, I am more relaxed and now I can walk up and down stairs while carrying something and not have to take a puff of my inhaler!

What I like most about my care is the kindness and thorough care that is shown to me. Dr Huntsman is a very good doctor, good listener and takes time with you. In addition, the staff is outstanding and treats me well. There is nothing that I don’t like about my care! "