With her regular CrossFit classes and regular workouts at the gym, Ciara's body was taking its toll. After her instructor recommended she come see Dr. Mark Huntsman at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic, Ciara has never felt better and is even more ready than ever to tackle her fitness challenges.

CrossFit is an intense exercise program featuring dynamic exercises like plyometric jumps, and Olympic lifts while using non-traditional weightlifting equipment such as kettlebells, sand-bags, suspension systems or water-filled implements. The intensity of the exercises which deliver the benefits could also increase the risk of injury if not done correctly.

Dr. Huntsman customized Ciara's treatments so that not only did it address the injuries she sustained from her exercises, but his treatment helps prevent future ones from occurring.

"I’m 38 Years Old and I have two kids and I just started trying to do CrossFit and seeing Dr. Huntsman has made my whole life better. I can move and I can get out of bed—it’s like from the Tin Man to Gumby. I was so rickety before, just crunchy and crackly and could barely move but after Dr. Huntsman I can touch the floor, I can move my back. I can walk, I can run—I just feel so much better! It’s amazing what he does! It’s amazing. It’s like a whole new life, it’s like I’m reborn.

Working out at the gym five days a week is just a lot of stress on the body and after a long week of working out it feels so good to be with Dr. Huntsman—he just readjusts you and you’re reborn again. I lift very very heavy weights and I take a lot of different classes and it’s a lot of stress and a lot of compression and pressure on your back and on your joints but after seeing Dr. Huntsman I’m ready for the gym again. It’s great—I feel stronger, I feel like I’ve got more agility, I feel leaner, I just feel so empowered. I love it!

Dr. Huntsman is the best. I could not even go anywhere else. I would highly recommend him to everybody. If you want to feel like a new person again if you want to feel like you can go exercise and have all this energy you’ve got to go see Dr. Huntsman. He is the greatest—he’s the best. And their office is so nice and warm—they welcome you and make you feel at home and you just feel so relaxed when you come in. It’s great!"