As an active basketball player and rising star, Jeremy regularly suffers from various types of sports injuries. Many times, these sports injuries would sideline Jeremy, and he would have to sit out on not only the practices but the games as well.

A one-size-fits-all approach would not work for someone who regularly suffers from different types of sports injuries, so Jeremy came to Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic for Dr. Huntsman's sports injury care.

With Dr. Huntsman's customized treatments, Jeremy now rarely gets sidelined from his injuries. In fact, due to Dr. Huntsman's care, Jeremy was able to play in a tournament where scouts were present and looking to recruit.

"As a basketball player I come across a lot of injuries about every week. Most times I won’t be able to play basketball because of the injuries but since coming to Dr. Huntsman he’s been able to help me out with just about any kind of sports injury and helps me get back on my feet within the next day or two.

One time I rolled my ankle really bad and I had a big camp coming up and a lot of stuff coming up for tournaments and scholarships for basketball. There was pretty much no chance I was going to get to play in the tournament because I could hardly walk, but then after coming here, to see Dr. Huntsman I could tell a difference right after. I was walking, instead of limping on one foot, and within the next day I was actually playing basketball and playing in my tournaments.

I made MVP and now I have a great start for basketball and being looked at by scouts, all because of Dr. Huntsman. He’s helped me so much, and I just really appreciate it."