It had been over ten years of struggling with back pain when Brian first came in to see Dr. Mark Huntsman. Over the course of that time, his condition hadn't improved, and Brian knew he was ready for a change.

With the personalized care that Dr. Huntsman is known for giving, Brian underwent his care, and was able to see significant improvements with his health, including his symptoms of back pain.

"I was having lower back pain and also middle back pain with knots when I first saw Dr. Huntsman. I had been dealing with this for 10 – 15 years! Since receiving care here, I’ve had great improvements in those areas!

Dr. Huntsman and his staff are great! I feel like the atmosphere and the office here is very nice. In addition, everyone here is friendly and very informative.

I highly recommend your office and have done so a few times. THANK YOU!"

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