Carrie Ann was frustrated after having spent years trying to convince medical doctors that she was suffering from fibromyalgia, and that these symptoms were not simply "made up" or exaggerated.

Tired of having her symptoms dismissed, Carrie Ann decided to come in to see Dr. Huntsman. After proper diagnosis, Dr. Huntsman was able to perform customized treatments tailored for her specific condition.

Since receiving care from Dr. Huntsman, Carrie Ann's symptoms have drastically reduced, and she has finally been able to sleep through the night without being in pain.

"I had suffered with lower back pain for years when I first saw Dr. Huntsman. Since I started seeing Dr. Huntsman only 4 weeks ago, I can now often sleep without pain and I’m obtaining more hours of sleep at night.

What I like most about my care is that Dr. Huntsman is the only physician out of 5 that found my condition even after having symptoms for many years. He has made no guarantees on fixing it, but said he will give 110%. Also, the staff is excellent—friendly, courteous and inviting.

I would tell others that Dr. Huntsman and his staff are friendly, knowledgeable, patient and genuinely concerned. He leaves no questions left unanswered. Also everything is ran very smoothly and efficient."

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