Do You Suffer From Fibromyalgia? Find Specialized Treatments in Augusta, GA

fibromyalgia2What Is Fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a syndrome, and not a specific disease. This means that people who have fibromyalgia exhibit a specific constellation of symptoms. The disorder is diagnosed by elimination when no other explanation can account for the symptoms. To have fibromyalgia, the individual must have widespread pain in all four quadrants of the body that lasts more or less continuously, for at least three months. The patient must also have pain in at least 11 of 18 tender points. A tender point is a pre-designated spot that is painful when 4 kg of pressure (about 9 lb, or enough to make the nail bed of the finger whiten) is applied.

Individuals with fibromyalgia may also experience other symptoms including:

Morning stiffness
Poor sleep or sleep disorders
Chronic headaches
Myofascial pain syndrome
Restless leg syndrome
Menstrual irregularities
Muscle twitches and/or muscle weakness

What Does the Current Research Say About Fibromyalgia?

Current research suggests that fibromyalgia is a disorder of the central nervous system. People with fibromyalgia appear to have abnormalities in the chemical compounds (neurotransmitters) that transmit nerve impulses. They also have, on average, four times as much nerve growth factor as people without the disorder. This suggests that fibromyalgia is a problem of central nervous system hypersensitivity. Because chiropractic medicine is based on the theory that an individual’s health is controlled by the state of his or her central nervous system, chiropractors, who are experts in this area, are especially well suited to help patients reduce their fibromyalgia symptoms.

fibromyalgia3Finding Specialized Treatments for Fibromyalgia in Augusta, GA

Fibromyalgia is a complex condition that requires specialized care, and our treatments at Georgia Clinic of Chiropractic (Augusta, GA) have already helped many patients suffering from fibromyalgia. For those with severe symptoms, fibromyalgia can be extremely debilitating and can interfere with basic daily activities. Seeking help from a trained health professional is the first step towards reclaiming a patient’s quality of life.

If you ask any person with fibromyalgia what fibromyalgia is, their response would be pain; from the top of their head to the end of their toes.  The pain experience is described as deep muscular aching, shooting, throbbing, stabbing, pounding, along with many other acronyms, and at times it is unbearable.  People with fibromyalgia do not sleep well, waking up feeling like they have been hit by a “Mack truck,” with morning stiffness or spasticity that makes it difficult to move.

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